An absence of patience, courtesy, respect or understanding were listed as reasons behind the increase in allegations of assault against Jamaican law enforcement in the most recent INDECOM report. Data also suggested that particular officers were named in dozens of incidents and had more than 100 complaints, cumulatively, over the course of several years. With complainants ranging from age 10 to 92 years old.

Regarding the usefulness of the recent INDECOM report, Mr. Mckay noted that the report is useful as it is a body of statistical information that can be observed and use to implement necessary strategies, however he noted that at the same the presentation is more effective this way as it is not the Commission’s duty to make a “crusade”. Meanwhile, in a response to Mckay’s comment Mr. Buchanan noted that though it is not the Commission’s job to make a “crusade,” if the date is critically analyzed it can be useful as citizens are now more aware of their rights.

When questioned about the report’s findings on the use of non-lethal force within the Jamaica Constabulary Force, (JCF) and what needs improvement; Mckay noted that he believes this is based on the increase in contact between the JCF and regular persons because of the Disaster Risk Management Act, (DRMA). He noted that though the normal citizen might not be a criminal, this does not mean they do not resist arrest or act unlawfully at times.

Isat Buchanan, Attorney-at-Law and Criminologist, Dr. Jason Mckay, joined our CVM Live Panel Discussion to discuss the rise in allegations of assault against the ranks of the security forces.