Not long after the residents of Waltham Park Road blocked the main thoroughfare to protest the potholes and garbage pile up on the road, they’re again threatening a more serious demonstration as the road worsens.

They say they’re not interested in a patch up, but an actual fixing of the road which requires proper maintenance of the gully. The residents of Waltham Park Road are threatening to again block the main thoroughfare as the road conditions worsen, subsequently resulting in a significant traffic build up. 

The residents protested less than a month ago, the subject of that protest being a few potholes and garbage from the gully in the road. However, the few potholes have become a complete breakaway, with water comfortably settled in gaps. One taxi operator tells CVM Live the road conditions are affecting his livelihood, as it prevents him from running his usual number of trips. Although the road has been fixed multiple times however he says the root of the problem is yet to be addressed.

He’s calling on the manager of communication and customer services at the National Works Agency, Stephen Shaw, to find a permanent solution to the problem. Motorists say preparations are being made to lead another demonstration if the actual problem isn’t addressed.