Residents in and around the Farm Heights route in St. James blocked the thoroughfare on Thursday, July 22, to demonstrate the bad road conditions and lack of water that has been plaguing the community for weeks.

Residents say they’ve been neglected for almost two (2) decades, and the inconvenience is costing them dearly.

Taxi operators vocalized the degree to which the bad road has cost them. They say the conditions have also resulted in a few accidents.

Additionally, not having water is another issue the residents say has been going on for far too long. They have had enough of the inconvenience.

Councilor for the division Arthur Lynch says the Member of Parliament for St. James Central Heroy Clarke has started fixing the roads in Farm Heights and has obtained the funds necessary, however, the process takes time.

The Councilor says the taxi operators on the route were invited to a meeting to update them on the road situation, but no one attended.

Lynch says, apart from waiting for the approval of tenders, the National Water Commission (NWC) is trying to remedy their situation.

However, he says their problems should never spill onto the residents.

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