Prime Minister Holness announced the National Housing Trust, NHT will be allowing up to three contributors to apply for a two-bed or larger unit, for better affordability. He went further explaining changes coming to NHT subsidy policies and the doubling of grants for mortgagors with disabilities, effective July 1 2022.

PM Holness says effective July 1 2022 the Trust will revise its policy on subsidies, in an effort to ensure that they are applied to those who are most in need. Adding income will be the sole determinant of whether a subsidy is applied. Meanwhile, the prime minister says NHT mortgagers with disabilities or who reside with and care for a family member with disabilities are eligible for a grant up to one hundred and fifty thousand dollars, to be used to retrofit or upgrade the dwelling making it suitable to serve their needs.

Holness says effective July 1 NHT will double the disability grant, allocating three hundred thousand per individual up to a maximum of two persons living with disabilities per household. This as the government continues its pursuit to provide affordable housing options for every Jamaican, he points out the housing expenditure for the current financial year is projected at fifty point four billion dollars, up from forty four billion.