Prime Minister Holness Eyes Pathway to Normality

Prime Minister Andrew Holness has been growing increasingly vocal in recent days about his intentions to return to normality, this as pressure is mounting as vaccine take-up continues to sputter, while the public grows weary of the restrictions on their lives.

On Friday, October 22, Prime Minister Andrew Holness, while speaking at a handing over ceremony, of a Genome Sequencer has been donated to the National Influenza Centre at the University Hospital of West Indies, by the CHASE Fund, to facilitate testing for new Coronavirus (COVID-19) variants. He noted that Jamaica will have to follow the steps that first world countries have taken for the full reopening of economies.

He noted that the Government insists on deliberating matters regarding the reopening the country’s economy instead of making sudden decisions. The Prime Minister notes that deliberations between members of the Government have been robust, adding that when the Cabinet has come to a decision then action will be taken.

PM Holness notes that this strategy has been what has kept the country safe, regardless of what persons may be saying. Despite the limitations resulting from the global pandemic, economic indicators have been looking promising according to the Prime Minister.

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