Triple Murder x 2: Tryall Heights, Spanish Town

Triple Murder x 2 – Jamaica has recorded another triple murder not even 24 hours since the brutality that occurred in Watt Town St Ann, but this time in Tryall Heights Spanish Town; a grandmother and her two granddaughters were executed within their family home.

Given the graphic nature of this report viewer discretion is advised. We apologize for the poor audio experience in this story.

The bloodstained house, swarm of flies, and the smell of death were telltale signs of the massacre that happened Sunday afternoon in Orchid View in Tryall Heights, Spanish Town St. Catherine.

An 81-year-old grandmother and her granddaughter’s 6-year-old Mishane and 10-year-old Christine Mcfarlane were cold-bloodedly killed with an M16 rifle. The home was left with pools of blood where each of the lifeless bodies once laid.

Father of the deceased children and son of the 81 year old deceased Icilyn Macfarlane , Christopher Macfarlene who escaped pursuit says he was alerted by the slam of a door and went to inspect. Other members of the family fled the home escaping injury

A family friend who often takes care of the two girls recalls the Sunday afternoon when she heard the bullets riddling in her backyard. She was one of the first to arrive on the scene

Head of the investigative team Paul Thomas says it has been reported that the gunmen fired shots while fleeing from the scene which was indicated by the spent shells seen on the outskirts of the incident.