Execution Style: Triple Murder in St. Ann, Jamaica

The parish of St. Ann was rocked by a triple murder on November 21. Head of the St. Ann police, Superintendent Carlos Russell tells CVM Live he can’t recall a murder of this nature in the parish. The police still haven’t established a motive for the killings.

 The St. Ann police gathering evidence they may have missed on Saturday the 21st of November, following a triple murder in the Yellant District near watt town in the parish. 

The dead men have been identified as 22-year-old Brandon Williams, otherwise called Lando, of Hollywood, Steer Town, 18-year-old Romario Higgins, otherwise known as Bashy and Rum Rum of Gibraltor District, Watt Town, and Herman Wilson otherwise called ‘Lucius’. His age has not yet been ascertained. 

Head of the St. Ann police, superintendent Carlos Russell tells CVM Live that from information received, the men were traveling in a motor vehicle along the Tobolski Main Road on Saturday afternoon when they were shot and killed by unknown assailants. 

It was the body of Higgins that was seen on the back seat of the car with what appeared to be multiple gunshot wounds while it was Wilson’s body that was found on an embankment close to the vehicle. 

Williams’ lifeless body was found  about 50 ft.  down a precipice. CVM Live understands the Noranda Bauxite Company had to cut out a track on Sunday so the police could gain access to his body.

Superintendent Russell points out that Brandon Williams was charged with a steer town shooting a year ago, and had been reporting to the brown’s town police station. 

Aladden Love reports.