Sykes Agrees with Evidence- Klansman Trial

Chief Justice Bryan Sykes is in support of witness testimonies against the remaining 27 suspected members of the St. Catherine-based Klansman Gang as the trial nears its end. He believes the evidence confirms that the accused are without a shadow of a doubt, members of the gang, and the witness testimonies are not in any way false or misleading. 

With all the evidence on the table, Chief Justice Bryan Sykes can piece together information and details regarding the crimes that were allegedly committed by the members of the notorious Klansman Gang.

At the beginning of the trial, concerns were raised regarding the existence of said gang, but Monday, sykes says all evidence point to the gang’s existence, and that Andre ‘Blackman’ Bryan is indeed the leader of the criminal network and has instructed the execution of several criminal activities.

As Chief Justice Sykes inches away from handing down the verdict against the accused members, he reminds the court that Blackman did not indicate in his un-sworn statement that he didn’t know the crown witnesses, and therefore their testimonies are accepted. Sykes notes one of the witnesses developed a close relationship with Blackman- buying his groceries and conducting personal business on his behalf. Justice Sykes says there was no violation of the identification parade process, as he fully believes the witness’ capabilities of identifying Blackman in court and during the identification parade. 

The witness has previously testified that Blackman ordered watchmen to stand guard as security personnel outside his house, a testimony Sykes believes to be true since Blackman is also said to have been sleeping at the witness’s house repeatedly; this Sykes says places Blackman as the leader, and now opens the door for the identification of the members he was instructing. The Judge says witness testimonies again proved to not be fabricated,  as he reminds the court of the fishing village shooting one night in 2017. Sykes says he is satisfied that Bryan, Golding, Blake, and Prince were all connected in the planning and execution of the shooting and that they are members of a criminal organization. 

The sole woman being accused, Stephanie ‘Muma’ Christie, shook her head in disagreeance as Sykes made mention of the 2017 arson of a Spanish Town business place that refused to pay extortion fees to the gang. The Chief Justice says the evidence indicates that Christie and Fabian Johnson are members of the criminal organization.  

The killing of one known as Doolie was again brought before the court, as sykes took into account witness testimonies that stated Golding’s intent to “help chop up the bwoy” and Johnson who said he wanted to “tek off doolie head and bring it back to Blackman”, just one of the several attempts made after Doolie’s life, before he was eventually killed. 

These testimonies were accepted by sykes who is convinced both men are indeed members of said criminal organization.

Court resumes on Tuesday. Watch the report:

Reporter: Nasika Alliman

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