Sykes Reviews Evidence in Klansman Gang Trial

The Klansman gang trial resumed with the delayed arrival of the remaining 27 alleged members of the St. Catherine-based gang on Thursday (Feb. 23). Chief Justice Bryan Sykes continued the review of evidence relating to raids and identification parades that were conducted against the accused. Reading the testimony made by members of the security forces who were present during the raids and identification parade, Justice Sykes highlighted similar protocols – where an application form to conduct the raid was filed.

The court learned that in all cases mere days later, the raid was conducted. The report states the accused gang members gave consent for their images to be taken, and processed, which were then added to a line-up of multiple persons for the crown witnesses to single them out. 

The witness positively identified Jermaine Robinson, Jahzeel Blake, Fabian Johnson, Dillon McLean, Dwight Hall, Donovan Richards, Danielle McKenzie, Chevoy Evans, Bryan Morris, Andre Golding, and Karl Beach, all as members of a criminal organization. Sykes notes the witness positively identified Morris, Hall, Richards, and Evans as shooters affiliated with the Klansman Gang, and Evans as a known extortionist in the Spanish Town area.

While reading the testimonies, Sykes said the computers and related instruments used were in good working order, therefore he says their findings ought to be considered. 

Meanwhile Andre “Blackman” Bryan, despite opting out on being physically present for the identification session, his passport photo was used, and the witness positively identified him as the leader of the gang. 

Chief Justice Sykes says, since the accused members did not raise concern for the handling of the proceeding in their un-sworn statements, then the witnesses’ ability to identify them was fair.  In closing, the Judge reiterated the defendant’s response to the prosecution’s case, who in a desperate attempt to paint the accused as upstanding citizens, provided “good character statements” for each.

Sykes further highlights conflicting details surrounding dates the witnesses placed the accused at incriminating sites relating to extortion and murder, versus dates they’ were found on record in police lockup.

Reasons the defense argues for why they couldn’t have committed the crimes. Watch the report:

Reporter: Nasika Alliman

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