September 27 to October 1 Observed As “Right Know Week”

September 27 through to October 1 has been marked the 19th week of the Education Ministry’s “Right to Know” initiative. The virtual event, which concluded on Friday, October 1, outlines the importance of Access to Information, (ATI) laws to build strong institutions for public good and sustainable development.

Stakeholders in the Ministry shared information at the virtual event geared towards strengthening and restoring institutions. State Minister in Education Robert Nesta Morgan outlined the importance of the right to know and the rights of Jamaicans regarding access to information. The Minister noted that the right to know is guaranteed by the Access to Information Act, 2002, so persons can get copies of official Government documents, as broadly defined by the Act.

The State Minister also alludes to the Panama Accord which highlights examples of good governance; he adds that accountable institutions are critical for poverty reduction and developmental effectiveness. HE noted that this allows for transparency between the Government and the public, as it makes way for a rule-based society that encourages private sector investments. The Access to Information Reform Act has been submitted to Cabinet for revision, the Minister says the Ministry currently awaits comments from the Attorney General’s Chamber.

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