2-1-1, 24 Hour Hotline to Report Child Abuse

A three-digit 24-hour hotline is now operational for children and adults to report incidents of child abuse. Authorities say the hotline is being used to reduce the prevalence of child abuse.

2-1-1 is the three-digit 24-hour toll-free hotline that was instituted for children to call and report abuse across the island. Though the line is it is geared towards children, it is also open to adults who want to report this abuse anonymously.

The launch of this hotline comes into effect on September 22; Chief Executive Officer of the Child Protection and Family Services Agency, (CPFSA) Rosalee Gage Grey says she believes this hotline will tackle the monster of child abuse.

Robert Nesta Morgan, Minister of State for Education says many agencies have come together to make the 211 line possible. The Minister highlighted that most times children are not abused between the hours of nine and five but in the late nights and early mornings which makes the 24-hour line most practical.

The hotline will be manned with trained professionals such as social workers and registration officers who will liaise with first responders to attend to emergency situations. The staff is also trained to give short-term psychotherapy to the caller.

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