Residents in Riverside, New Haven, say they are trapped and cut off, with no drinking water and no food.

The path that leads to a standpipe where residents catch water was also flooded.

One resident by the name of Shanika could be seen wading in the knee high water to source food for her family.

And one mother of three, explained that she has not awoken from the nightmare that her entire home has been flooded. 

Additionally, Arossia Gonzales, a livestock farmer, says he lost 13 pigs, ducks and goats during the rain last week. Also, he says he blames the flooding and the overflowing river caused by a recent construction in the area.

CVM Live visited the constituency office and was told that the affected persons will receive care packages through the Ministry of Social Security.

However, no one knows when it will arrive.

The office also says the National Works Agency is expected to return to Riverside to complete more work. 

Jamaila Maitland reports: