Police Constable, Pathways’ Leader Dies in Crash

Dr. Kevin Smith, the man at the center of a police investigation into cult-like practices in Albion St. James and Police constable Orlando Irons, attached to the St James Division died as a result of injuries sustained in a vehicular crash in St. Catherine. The collision took some time after 9 on Tuesday morning along Church Road in Linstead.

Two other police officers in the same vehicle remain hospitalized in critical condition. The damage to the unmarked police vehicle which the embattled pastor of the Pathways International Ministries and the three officers were traveling in is proof of the unmitigated chaos- The door of the vehicle had to be cut off to remove the occupants.

Onlookers voiced their opinions on what they believed could have caused the crash, others rain insults at the pastor for his implications in recent controversial activities, others expressed shock. Minutes after the incident, photos, and videos of the scene surfaced on the internet.

Senior Superintendent of Police Stephanie Lindsay provides an update to the story. Watch the CVM LIVE report below for more details:

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