The deadly religious cult service on Sunday, October 17, has placed the leader under public scrutiny. He calls himself “His Excellency Dr. Kevin O. Smith, Jamaica’s Eminent International Ambassador Israel God King 999”.

The leader of Pathways International Kingdom Restoration Ministries in Albion, St. James, and his flock have been facing public backlash following the death of two members as a result of a cult-like ritual on October 17.

Photos being circulated on social media depict an affectionate relationship between him and his congregants. One member of 7 years describes him as a kind leader. She noted that help the members and children who have financial problems.

According to Dr. Kevin O. Smith, he is also a certified psychotherapist who grew up in Canada; it is alleged he is a deportee. During a service in September, he reminded his followers of the importance of tithes. Noting that tribute should be paid to the king. The accused cult leader remains in custody.

A GoFundMe page has been launched by a man bearing the same surname; he is hoping to raise us $30, 000 to cover legal fees for the leader and his arrested members.

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