PNP Councillor Alrick Campbell Breaks his Silence

In a video that was being circulated on social media showing People’s National Party, (PNP) Councilor Alrick Campbell using his vehicle as a blockage at the entrance of the gated community Morris Meadows in Portmore, has broken his silence.

The PNP Councillor and Deputy Mayor of Portmore, is refuting claims that he was attempting to intimidate and restrict residents’ access to the now gated community. Mr. Robinson explained to CVM Live that the implications of the situation are both political and legal. He notes that it was not his intention to create chaos, nor was he hostile towards anyone for duration of the incident, noting that he remained calm.

Despite reports CVM Live have received, that permission was granted by the Spanish Town, Campbell notes there was no communication with him regarding the construction of the gate at the entrance of the community. The Deputy Mayor also spoke to the issue of Strata Corporation with the Morris Meadows community. This as he notes the community is not even registered.

However, Councillor Alrick Campbell says in the videos posted on social media legal ramifications are in due process and notes the narrative perpetrated is not the reality.

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