PM Holness Ramps up Vaccine Education Campaign

Prime Minister Andrew Holness continued his vaccine mobilization and public education campaign on Thursday, October 21, in sections of North Clarendon. He urges the public to get vaccinated in efforts to reach herd immunity noting the need for students to return to face-to-face learning and normality.

With hopes of recovering from the COVID-19 pandemic, Prime Minister Andrew Holness continues his island-wide vaccine education campaign endorsing the COVID-19 vaccine. He says the re-opening of schools for face-to-face learning is critical and immensely dependent on vaccination take up. The Prime Minister appealed to parents who would like to send their children back to the physical school, to do the right thing and get vaccinated, adding that the vaccine that is approved for children who can be vaccinated should be given to those who can.

However, Holness says there are persons from religious groups who are reluctant to taking the vaccine. He says religious leaders should give credible information on the COVID-19 vaccine and should not try to discourage persons from becoming vaccinated. The Prime Minister says he aims to preserve the freedom of choice of the people but at the same time, he must preserve public health.

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