Patrons Flout COVID-19 Protocols at Parties

There was widespread disregard for COVID-19 protocols at some entertainment events at the weekend, heightening fears of a third wave of COVID -19 infections.

In St. Mary, Mayor of Port Maria Richard Creary says tighter measures are coming for the monitoring of entertainment events across the parish following an event at the Spanish Bridge on Sunday.

The past weekend saw Jamaicans capitalizing on the benefits of the relaxed COVID-19 measures for the entertainment industry. Beachgoers flooded the Spanish Bridge in St. Mary on Sunday, blatantly ignoring COVID-19 safety guidelines.

At a recent gathering, social distancing was almost non-existent and masks were out of sight; it appears to be a party, but the Mayor of Port Maria, Richard Creary, says the event was not approved. Since the reopening of the entertainment industry Creary says over 70 events were given approval. He says the Spanish Bridge has always attracted large gatherings.

Questions are being raised whether the recent parties in which promoters and patrons breach the safety protocols could be the source of the third spike of COVID-19 infections.

Last year the festivities during the Emanci-Pendence weekend were linked, by health officials, to the second wave of COVID-19 infections that hit the country. 

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