New Gaul Road in St. Mary Officially Opened

As an integral part of the development of the economy, Prime Minister Andrew Holness says many roads in rural Jamaica are being studied and rehabilitation works are being scheduled.

One of the latest roads to be upgraded is the Gaul Road in Gayle St. Mary. Meanwhile, Massive Infrastructural/ Ture Work to restore a bridge in the area is expected to begin soon.

Prime Minister Andrew Holness says the government is sensitive to the issues that citizens, especially those in rural areas are faced with. On Friday, the New Gaul Road in the Gayle Division of St. Mary was officially opened. 

The Prime Minister says this is an indication of the government’s commitment to ensuring rural development. 

Mayor of Port Maria, Richard Creary says for the first four months of this year, very little drain cleaning and de bushing were carried out, so much greater effort could be placed on the rehabilitation of roads.