Pastor McIntosh: Churchgoers Urged to be Wary Cult

There is a continued call for vigilance of churchgoers following Sunday, October 17, alleged human sacrifice ritual at the Pathways International Kingdom Restoration Ministries in Albion, St. James. One concerned pastor in St. Andrew is urging churchgoers to be wary of signs of a cult and rely on the word of god. 

Pastor of Maranatha Ministries International, in Waterhouse St. Andrew, Bobby McIntosh says ignorance is not an excuse for anyone who attends church, adding that they must be discerning. Pastor McIntosh notes that persons should not be blindfolded or misled by rhetoric , semantics and emotionalism, but however make the conscious decision to walk in the right path.

Citizens remain baffled by the influence Dr. Kevin O. Smith, pastor of the Pathways International Kingdom Restoration Ministries has on his congregants; many asking, what could have caused him to lead them astray? 

Speaking in general, Pastor McIntosh asserts that many people are driven by an obsession with power. Adding that there is a demonic association with many persons and not just pastors, who seek the adoration and popularity from others. He again stresses that churchgoers must take responsibility for their actions. 

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