Church Member Remains Supportive Dr. Kevin O. Smith

CVM live sat with one member of the Pathways International Kingdom Restoration Ministries, who, despite allegations of her leader Dr. Kevin O. Smith inveigling his flock into cult-like rituals, remains supportive of him. 

Citizens remain baffled by the influence Dr. Kevin O. Smith has on his congregants. In an exclusive interview with CVM Live correspondent, Kingsley Thompson, one member of 9 years shares the events which unfolded on Sunday; the day two other members died allegedly as a result of a cult-like ritual involving human sacrifice.

In a Facebook post the same day, Smith warned congregants that a flood was coming and “the ark” was loading. She says to her surprise, she was excluded from the list of members set to enter; a realization she was not pleased with. 

According to her, she has never experienced Sunday’s end result since becoming a member in 2012, adding that she was not aware anyone had died until she was detained for breaching the curfew. 

Although her pastor is facing public condemnation, she remains sympathetic, pointing to the good he has done. She however says she is considering her options, adding that she doubts the church will continue. In the meantime, she is among those charged for breaching the Disaster Risk Management Act (DRMA), and is awaiting her court date set for October 27. 

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