Opposition Calls for More Support for the Vulnerable

The Opposition, the People’s National Party, (PNP) is calling on the Government to do more for poor Jamaicans struggling amid the pandemic. Speaking at a media briefing in St. Andrew on Friday, August 20, Opposition leader, Mark Golding says the new COVID-19 restrictions will make a bad situation worse for the vulnerable.

Golding says the flaws in the Care Programme need to be addressed immediately. He states that since the programme ended last year, the Government must also keep in mind that the pandemic is still going on. He says this time around the Government must design the programme so that it reaches and benefits the vulnerable.

Golding insists the impending lockdowns will add to the stress people have been enduring since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic. He notes that with the intensive lockdown provisions should have been put in place. Additionally, it was disclosed that all members of the opposition in the Lower and Upper House have been fully vaccinated.

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