Governor General Sir Patrick Allen in his Independence Day Address to the nation says the country has come a long way from its colonial past to forge its own identity. He urged Jamaicans not to simply celebrate the nation, but to always work to perfect it.

According to Sir Patrick, Jamaica’s history is one built on experiences of hardships, prosperity, growth, and determination.

He adds that despite 59 years of political independence some may think that the expected structural changes, poverty, and inequality have not been adequately addressed. Nonetheless, he says the people must continue the upward task of nation building.

Acknowledging Jamaica’s resilience amid the COVID-19 pandemic, Sir Patrick paid tribute to the front-line workers.

For his part, Prime Minister Andrew Holness reflects on the meaning of independence, saying it is not enough to merely be ‘politically independent’ without also achieving economic independence.
Referring to the COVID-19 vaccine, PM Holness says the idea of independence is also the ability to choose.

Meanwhile, Opposition Leader Mark Golding in his Independence Day Address to the nation says despite the many achievements over the years, there’s still much to be done to build trust and confidence among the people. Additionally, Golding says to be truly independent, the head of state should be removed.

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