Opposition Spokesperson on Education, Dr. Angela Brown Burke, is pleading for no blanket statements, as she says despite the reported smooth start to the new school term by Education Minister, Fayval Williams uncertainties and challenges abound in different parishes.

The Opposition says while she is in support of the resumption of schools, the Education Ministry must provide more detailed guidelines as not all schools share the same issues and notes the Ministry’s approach is rather from a general standpoint.

Dr. Brown-Burke says though COVID-19 cases overall are at an all-time high, there are some schools located in areas that record very few cases she suggests those schools can be in operation. She went further, that it is pointless for the Ministry to not allow students to attend school until they have reached at least 65% vaccination take up.

Another area of concern that was raised is the transportation of students; she is suggesting the Ministry utilize the Jamaica Urban Transit Company, (JUTC) as a mode of transportation. Dr. Brown-Burke further highlighted the ongoing issue regarding the lack of connectivity for some students.

Meanwhile, Head of Public Relations at Digicel, Elon Parkinson, says as Jamaica’s primary provider of high-speed internet that supports E-Learning, E-Commerce, and remote working opportunities, this responsibility is taken seriously.

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