After losing their home to a massive fire in 2018, the victims will finally be able to return to their residence, as the local government ministry is constructing an apartment for those affected, at the same location.

The move is part of a Housing Solution Initiative launched by the Ministry in an effort to provide relief to the poor. Less than four years after a massive fire gutted the homes of some residents in Olympic Way Kingston 11, the ministry of local government and rural development is dousing the lingering flames of homelessness by building a replacement home, apartment style. 

The project is part of the ministry’s indigent housing programme and will be used to provide relief for the victims of the November 2018 fire.

The apartment will be constructed at the same location at which the blaze occurred, to avoid displacing the victims. Lucinda Ratigation says she’s beyond grateful and eager to be back home.  Speaking on a tour of the facility, Local Government Minister Desmond McKenzie says the apartment is one of several housing solutions provided in recent times. Residents of over nine parishes have benefited from the ministry’s initiative and although separate from the government’s new social housing programme; it also aims to provide cheaper solutions locally.