More devastation for residents in Nine Miles, Bull Bay – While the residents try to cope with the damage done after the showers from Eta they are faced with even more disaster, while St Benedict’s Primary School shelter is concerned about how best they can facilitate even more people.

The thought of relocating to a shelter, was not entertained by residents, who were colorfully descriptive in their decision to remain, where they call home. 

After further damage caused by the overflow of the river in Nine Miles. Residents are reluctant to move from the homes they invested their entire lives and savings to build to now reside at a shelter.

Another resident whose home has completely sunken says she too will not move far from her dwellings to prevent looting of her items.

In the midst of the construction and faces of despair, a group of angry residents circled the Jamaica Labour Party’s (JLP) Member of Parliament, Juliet Holness, to voice their disgust and feelings of neglect.

Holness explains to the news team that she has been present in the community for the last ten (10) days and would appreciate if residents abort talks of neglect due to party affiliations.

St. Benedict’s Primary is the school that has been sheltering residents of Shooters Hill and has also been touted to house the displaced Nine Miles residents.

However, though the staff expressed that they are happy to give a helping hand they are concerned about the schools preparation for their reopening phase.

Paige Dixon, CVM LIVE: