Devastation across sections of Harbour View – The outer bands of storm Eta that have caused excess rain in Jamaica have resulted in even more landslides, sunken homes, and impassable roadways in Harbour View.

Harbour Heights resident Nicole Smith explains that this road was built in 2013. Simone Deslandez, another Harbour Heights resident voiced her concerns for residents on the top of Balkan Avenue who only has one route to enter and exit.

Another community, Benedict’s Heights despite the name, the area’s terrain is relatively flat.

The community is now covered with water up to half of a goal post’s height, separating them from their neighboring community Melbrook Heights.

Nearby community Nine Miles in Bull Bay experienced unfathomable destruction. 

With a new storm developing, namely Theta, is the country capable of withstanding another weekend of heavy showers?

Our reporter was in the area of Harbour View, here is her report: