Plantation Heights’ Residents Concerned About Community

Residents of Plantation Heights in Kingston, expressed outrage yesterday evening. They say a section of their community is being transformed into a swamp, due to the work being done by Industrialists.

The residents say the ongoing work has greatly disrupted the flow of proper water drainage. 

Resident Dudley Mcfarlane makes mention of the area in which the water has been channeled to settle.

He says the area is not ideal for the volume of water leaving the hills.

Tank-Weld, the Major Industrialist in the area allegedly dumped up the land to create spaces for their warehouses. However, some residents believe not enough was done to ensure the water channels were sufficient to prevent flooding.

This location is also a goldmine for construction workers to harvest marl to build some of the major roads in the Corporate Area. However, the site was left in a deplorable condition with enough debris to cause blockage each time it rains.

Mcfarlene recalls the wildlife which originally inhabited the land before the industrialization. 

“When I came here about sixteen years ago, this was like a nature preserve, eagles used to be all around here and other birds. It’s like a bird sanctuary… Neither NEPA [National Environment and Planning Agency] in terms of monitoring the environment has done nothing to ensure that when people come and do developments like these, they do what they’re supposed to do. NWA [National Works Agency] as the supervising agency in terms of engineering for roads has fallen down also,” he says.

In the meantime, Mark Joseph, property caretaker for Plantation Heights says he understands the flooding issue. However, he adds that this is only temporary as Tank-Weld is working on fixing the problem.

Joseph was representing the Lamore Company.

Paige Dixon reports for CVM LIVE: