Two Nicaraguans who were detained in February after illegally entering the country, then subsequently charged, have seemingly been left hanging. Their relatives are worried about their well-being while in police lockup.

It has been 7 long months, for two Nicaraguans, ages 28 and 35, who were charged with illegal entry into the country, and their patience is wearing thin.

The men were detained and their vessel seized in Sav-La-Mar, Westmoreland on February 13; a third man managed to escape; they were suspected to be on an illegal mission.

According to the foreign nationals, they were each fined $5,000 or 30 days in jail for illegal entry. They allegedly paid the fine in February, but remain at the Sav-La-Mar police station to date.

The families of both men are also worried about their well-being and are questioning the delay. The sister of one of the men says immigration authorities informed her on august 23 that the process is being held up in Jamaica. Another sister says the police contacted her to verify her brother’s identity months ago.

The men are pleading with the Government to hasten their deportation so they can resume their fatherly duties. Calls to the Nicaraguan Embassy in Kingston, Tuesday, September 28, went unanswered.

Efforts to get a response from the head of the Westmoreland Police Division, Superintendent Robert Gordon, and Foreign Affairs Minister, Kamina Johnson Smith have also been unsuccessful.

Meantime, CEO of the Passport, Immigration and Citizenship Agency, (PICA) Andrew Wynter says he will be investigating the matter.

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