The Kingston and St. Andrew Municipal Corporation has commenced cleaning efforts at the Duhaney River which is undergoing a general cleaning and de-silting. New haven residents are however concerned, as despite efforts over the years, the area is known to be a major hot spot for flooding and pending disasters. New haven residents are hoping that the work being carried out by the KSAMC will indeed mitigate flooding in their community but some are worried that if there isn’t de-silting and de-bushing of this section of the Duhaney River, they will again be faced with devastation. 

This resident of Riverside Drive, while recounting a distressful experience says she can’t help but agonize over heavy rainfall. Echoing her sentiments is this woman, who is suggesting that more than just drain cleaning be done. The residents are however still grateful that their community remains a priority. 

While many Jamaicans were busy picking up the pieces after tropical storm grace ravaged sections of the island in August 2021, some New Haven residents breathed a sigh of relief as they were not severely impacted. 

This due to drain cleaning in the area.