KSAMC Undergoing $70 Million Drain Cleaning Project

The Kingston and St. Andrew Municipal Cooperation is undergoing a mass drain cleaning initiative in preparation for the hurricane season. Starting this week, Kingston Mayor Delroy Williams says citizens will see cleanup effort across the municipality.

The project, which stared with the de silting of the Duhaney River, will cost between 70 and 80 million dollars. The Kingston and St. Andrew Municipal Corporation (KSAMC) will be cleaning coastal and non-coastal drains to mitigate flooding and improve drainage across the parishes. Kingston Mayor Delroy Williams explains, the multi-million dollar initiative is being done in preparation for the hurricane season. Cleaning efforts have started with the Duhaney River which is undergoing a general cleaning and de-silting. 

Mayor Williams says this will greatly mitigate against flooding of the new haven and riverside drive area. There have been many calls in the past few weeks for the drains around Kingston and St. Andrew to be cleaned, including one from the owner of variety pharmacy in downtown kingston whose business is swimming in sewage due to a defective drain. This cleaning could mean  his store may be spared significant flooding.

Williams says there will be a major cleanup of the flood prone Seaview Gardens area.

Reporter: Jhanielle Powell