Mother and Son Dead; St. Catherine Double Tragedy

A double mother and son tragedy has hit St. Catherine after a man was shot and killed by a security guard on Tuesday, November 23 after he allegedly killed his mother, stole a vehicle, and attacked a security team. The male a former university student, is believed to be suffering from a mental illness.

Dead are 22-year-old Khaleel Marcus Bent, student of the Caribbean Maritime University, (CMU) and his mother 46 year old, Omega Bent, an HR Manager; Bent is the prime suspect behind his mother’s murder, the details of which remained sketchy.

She was reportedly found by a family friend early Tuesday morning lying in a pool of blood at her house, but Head of the St. Catherine South Police Division, Superintendent Christopher Phillips tells CVM Live that an investigation into the incident is ongoing to determine what really transpired.

Speaking briefly with CVM Live, Omega’s mother points to events foreshadowing the incident. After the son allegedly killed his mother, Bent was shot dead in the wee hours of Tuesday morning by a security guard who had been rendering assistance to his colleague who Bent attacked.

CCTV footage has emerged showing a naked Bent attacking a security guard who was in his Toyota Probox at Phoenix Park Village. The guard managed to escape from the vehicle which was then stolen by the 22-year-old, before he was cut down. Superintendent Phillips says the police are dissatisfied with the images being circulated. Meanwhile, Councillor for the Greater Portmore North Division, Gary Nicholson is calling for mental health intervention.

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