48-Hour Curfew in Sections of Gregory Park St. Catherine

A 48-hour curfew has been imposed in sections of Gregory Park, St. Catherine amid ongoing violence in the area and recent murders which the police are linking to gang violence.

Head of the St. Catherine South Police, Superintendent Christopher Phillips, says police investigation suggests that the gang violence is a result of a fight to control the turf. Superintendent Phillips notes the police will be implementing measures to quell the violence in the area.

He says the formation of alliances have made it complex for the police to rid the community of gangs. Philips also noted that this as increased the number of attacks and deaths between the waring factions. So far this year 12 murders have been recorded in Gregory Park, four of which happened in August, six of the murders were gang-related.

The curfew will end at 6 pm Sunday, August 15, Superintendent Phillips says during this time the cooperation of residents is especially needed. Persons within the boundary of the curfew must remain within their premises unless permission is given in writing by the ground commander.

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