Lloyd Smith: Crime Fighting Strategies Not Effective Enough

Prominent businessman and former Parliamentarian, Lloyd B Smith has shared with CVM Live that he does not believe the strategies used by the police force in tandem with the Ministry of National Security to fight crime,  are effective enough. 

He says as long as criminals remain financially viable, the country will not be able to effectively fight crime. 

Lloyd Smith says the government needs to genuinely pursue a crime plan. He further states that crime is the biggest business in Jamaica today, adding that the informal economy far outweighs the formal one. 

According to him, billions of dollars are in the hands of criminal, allowing them to carry out their activities, shamelessly. 

He says, therefore one of the ways in which crime has to be tackled is by stymieing their resources. At the same time, he credits the Government for its efforts in disrupting violent gangs, but he says it will end up being just a charade.

Aladdean Love has this report: