There are widespread political conversations being held surrounding the entanglement happening in the People’s National Party. And even as the party tries to mend the broken pieces, the obvious question lingers; who will lead the Comrades?

There still hasn’t been a selection of a party president, a title currently being held by Dr. Peter Phillips until a new president is elected. But, no one knows when. An Opposition Senate has been appointed, an Interim Shadow Cabinet installed but there is still no indication of when a Party Leader and by extension Opposition Leader, will be elected.

Nonetheless, the names of potential Presidents are circulating in the political arena. The more prominent ones are Mark Golding, Senator Norman Horne, Damion Crawford, Mikael Phillips, and a lone female in the mix, Lisa Hanna.

CVM LIVE’s Robian Williams spoke with a former member of the party, Lloyd B. Smith. He shared his preferred pick, which hints at Mark Golding.

However, Smith believes that it would be more practical for the roles of Party President and Opposition Leader to be split among two members. His preferred selection for these two roles are Mark Golding and Peter Bunting.

To add, Smith comments that he believes Senator Norman Horne will not be able to “turn the party on”.  

He also commented on the selections made in the Shadow Cabinet.

“I wish them well but I don’t see that Shadow Cabinet moving in any meaningful direction, in the near future or for a matter anywhere in the distant future.”