Jamaica joined the Organization of African, Caribbean, and Pacific States (OACPS) and the European Union (EU) on Tuesday as the latest signatory to the Samoa Agreement, solidifying its stance among over 70 member states. This diplomatic step, officially announced by Minister of Foreign Affairs Senator Kamina Johnson Smith, underscores the government’s commitment to the nation’s development objectives and collaborative efforts.

In this significant move, Jamaica not only became a part of the alliance governing relationships between OACPS and EU for the next two decades but also presented an interpretative declaration emphasizing the precedence of the country’s constitution and laws. While the agreement was officially signed on November 15, Jamaica delayed its endorsement to engage in consultations with civil society and faith-based representatives.

Phillipa Davies, an advocacy officer at the Jamaica Coalition for a Healthy Society, expressed no surprise at the government’s decision to sign. However, she highlighted that certain inquiries remain unanswered despite this development. Watch the report:

Reporter: Celine Campbell

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