Hazardous cleanup strategy in Bull Bay, Jamaica – Many residents in Nine Miles Bull Bay are happy that their community is now coming together once more after their homes were destroyed, however,  the cleanup strategy is being questioned.

The streets are clean and many homeowners are picking up the pieces left behind after their abodes were invaded by debris.

However, the high build up that is a result of the clean up strategy is definitely cause for concern.

Councilor for Bull Bay Celia James says this is only a temporary fix however, she is optimistic that this strategy is strong enough to withstand any natural disaster that may occur

Professional civil structural engineer Roger Anderson however, had reservations on the project that is now happening at Weise Road as he believes this is hazardous to residents nearby and could result in further damage with a heavy shower of rain

The concerns of the residents in Weise Roads were in conjunction with Anderson. A resident said when he was younger the gully was around 40ft deep but the older he got, the closer the soil rose to the bridge, he showed that the digging is only brushing the surface while the actual bed of the river goes beyond what is seen.