Five Persons in Custody for Westmoreland Double Murder

Five men, including one who is believed to be the trigger man, have been taken into custody in connection with Tuesday’s killing of Westmoreland brothers 43-year-old Dervin Jones and 41-year-old Sheldon Jones.

The men were killed feet from their respective homes shortly after midnight. Their bodies were discovered about 4:30 Wednesday morning. Following the shooting death of the brothers in Carawina, Westmoreland, five persons have been taken into police custody. Senior Superintendent of the Westmoreland police Robert Gordon provided an update to CVM Live earlier on Friday.

He also adds since the surge in crime, there’s been increased police presence.

Dervin’s partner of 21 years is pleading for a sit-down with Prime Minister Andrew Holness, as well as a return of the state of public emergency. In the meantime, security minister Dr. Horace Chang, who is also the deputy prime minister, says the aim of his visit on Thursday, was to demonstrate the government’s concern and provide moral support to the family, which only four months ago buried the mother of the men killed.