Final Verdicts in the Klansman Trial

The Chief Justice Bryan Sykes was adamant that he would complete the final announcement of verdicts in the historic, ongoing Klansman Gang Trial. While insufficient evidence provided some with not-guilty verdicts, others were not so fortunate. 

The final remaining charge in the Klansman Gang Trial, count 2- being a member of a criminal organization. The once supposed don of Lauriston, Daniel McKenzie, received the day’s first not-guilty verdict and was ordered to be freed by Chief Justice Bryan Sykes, on the basis of lack of sufficient evidence.

But this luck did not extend to Michael Whitely, who was found guilty. The chief justice says he accepts witness testimonies against whitely, as he reminds the court of his name being mentioned repeatedly by the witnesses in connection with several serious offenses. 

In the case of Dylon Mclean, sykes agrees with the witness that Mclean was personally known to the gang’s leader Andre ‘Blackman’ Bryan. McLean’s name previously came up in relation to the fisheries incident, and with that, he was found guilty for being a member. 

Meanwhile, an elated Dwight Hall gave thumbs up when Sykes announced his not-guilty verdict. Since his other counts previously fell, he now walks away a free man. Family man Lamar Simpson could not escape a guilty verdict, as Sykes accepts witness testimonies, which place Simpson at incriminating locations.  Meanwhile, the once alleged extortion boss Donovan Richards heard a not guilty verdict and now walks free, after also escaping charges on count 6. 

The court was again reminded that Tareek James was a key player in Outlaw’s murder, and has been found guilty. Meanwhile, the sole woman Stephane “Mumma” Christie was also found guilty after Sykes did a detailed analysis of her role in the organization. Sykes says she is the link between the police force and the gang. Sykes deemed christie an insider and integral member of the organization before handing down the verdict. 

Fabian Johnson, known more commonly for expressing the desire to “take off Doolie’s head and bring it back to Blackman”, was also found guilty. Sykes describes Jazeel Blake as having a very willing and able presence in the organization. He was also found guilty. 

And Roel Taylor, previously found guilty on counts 23 & 24, couldn’t escape count 2, as sykes handed down a guilty verdict for being a member of the organization. 

Kemar Harrison also heard not guilty, as Sykes believes nothing indicates his part in any nefarious activity. He now walks free, since his charge on count 5 previously fell. Joseph McDermott prides himself on being a religious man who wouldn’t commit such offenses, but that didn’t stop Judge Sykes from providing a guilty verdict. McDermott was also mentioned in relation to the Fisheries incident. 

Former JDF member Jermaine Robinson also heard a guilty verdict. Meanwhile, despite hearing a not guilty verdict, Jason Brown will remain incarcerated, to serve a life sentence for the murder of accused members Pete and Marco Miller’s father. Andre Golding’s connection to Doolie’s murder was brought up when the Chief Justice announced his guilty verdict. 

Meanwhile, Marco Miller now joins his brother, Pete Miller as a free man, following his not-guilty verdict on count 2. Chevroy Evans was also found not guilty since Sykes says he was not satisfactorily identified by the witness. So too was the fate of Ricardo Morris who was pointed out as a top shooter, but insufficient evidence sets him free. Ted Prince and Brian Morris were also found guilty. Now only 15 of the initial 33 members await sentencing, which is scheduled for July 3, 2023. 

Reporter: Nasika Alliman