“Blackman” Found Guilty of Leading Klansman Gang

Multiple verdicts were announced in court by Chief Justice Bryan Sykes during his summation of the Klansman Gang Trial. The most anticipated is that of now undoubted gang leader Andre “Blackman” Bryan. Sykes points to counts 6,7,8,12 and 19 as strong evidence of Blackman’s leadership role. These counts relate to the murder of Doolie, Outlaw, conspiracy to murder a person unknown, and the Fisheries incident. The chief justice says this coupled with recording evidence of conversations between former gang member turned state witness, and various co-accused members, undoubtedly support his verdict. 

Blackman was again slapped with a guilty verdict in relation to count 19, knowingly facilitating the commission of the 2018 murder of an unknown person. His henchman, ted prince was also found guilty on this charge. In going through the witness’s testimony of overhearing a conversation between Prince and Blackman, Sykes reminds the court of Blackman saying quote “dem bwoy ya a ramp wid mi badness. A bet me kill one a dem” end quote to which prince said quote “ya fi mi teacha. Weh mi fi do?” End quote Blackman responded quote “nyam the food”  end quote an instruction to carry out the plan to kill the man in question. Sykes says this qualifies as an agreement to murder, and reveals the hierarchy in the organization because the gun was loaded, but Prince did not fire until he received Blackman’s permission and approval. 

Meanwhile, it was a good day in court for Kevaughn Green, who was found not guilty on his final remaining charge- count 2 being a member of a criminal organization. Sykes rules that the prosecution does not have enough evidence to support their claims, and therefore green is now a free man.

The evidence did stick against accused member Tomrick Taylor, who heard a guilty verdict in relation to count 2- being a member of a criminal organization. While Pete Miller was found not guilty on similar charges. The Chief Justice reminds the court that miller was in police custody on nights the witness says he was at gang meetings and incriminating locations. A smiling Kalifa Williams was also ordered free, as sykes declared him not guilty on count 2- being a member of a criminal organization. The 22 remaining accused members will know their fate in relation to count 2, the final remaining count when court resumes on Wednesday. 

“Bitter Sweet” Moment for Klans-Brothers- Klansman Trial

As the Klansman Gang Trial nears its end, 9 of the accused members have so far been freed, due to insufficient evidence. Two of the most recent accused who were exonerated, leave behind their brothers, who are still awaiting the Chief Justice’s decision.

Nasika Alliman