The long-awaited verdict by Chief Justice, Bryan Sykes, in relation to the murder of one known as ‘Outlaw’ in 2017 was handed down in court on Thursday, finding the alleged leader of the notorious Klansman Gang, and some of his co-accused guilty on 2 charges. Counts 11 and 12 of the indictment charge the accused with conspiracy to murder and facilitating a serious offense. In that regard, Andre “Blackman” Bryan and Tareek James were found guilty in relation to the 2017 murder.

Chief Justice Bryan Sykes in handing down the verdict used the evidence presented by witness testimonies to guide his decision. He found that these testimonies brought to light instances the accused members planned the murder, and detailed the moment that the murder was executed. Justice Sykes noted that the accused members conspired to murder when they gathered at their meeting place, and Blackman detailed the plan regarding how Outlaw was to be executed.  Sykes announced James was also found guilty of facilitating murder as a serious offense by making himself willing, able, and present to commit the act – following Blackman’s instructions. He stressed there is undoubtedly an existence of a criminal organization, and Blackman is its leader. “There is no other person who was the equivalent to Bryan, all the others were subordinates,” said Sykes.

Meanwhile, Blackman, Michael Whitely, and Brian Morris were also found guilty in regard to the murder of an unidentified Rastaman. Sykes made no mention of the specific verdict for Ted Prince and, Jazeel Blake who was mentioned by the witness, as facilitating said murder. Though Sykes did say he is satisfied and is sure that Prince’s role was to collect the guns after the shooting, and that Blake was responsible for seeing if the “target” was there. The Chief Justice went as far as to say Blake and Prince were under no illusion as to what was about to happen in regard to the shooting.

However, not all charges held up against the accused, as the Court heard Blackman, Andre Golding, Tareek James, and Jazeel Blake have been found not guilty of facilitating a serious offense on count 14. Likewise, Marco Miller, Chevroy Evans, and Andre Golding were found not guilty on count 17 – facilitating the 2018 murder of a man known as Tesha, a bus driver. It was a similar fate for Dwight Hall, Marco Miller, Pete Miller, Daniel McKenzie, and Kemar Harrison who were found not guilty on count 5 with respect to a 2017 double murder. All accused still have cases to answer when court resumes Monday.

Reporter: Nasika Alliman

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