Fearful Residents of Park Lane Still Relocating Due to Violence

Tensions are rising in the Park Lane community off Red Hills Road in St. Andrew, following a shooting incident on Saturday night, which left three people dead and four others injured. Police theorize the shooting stems from an intra-gang conflict happening in the area.

Up to Monday, residents of park lane in the corporate area have been relocating from the community, following Saturday night’s brutal incident, in which seven people were shot, three fatally.

On Sunday relatives of some of the victims were in the process of moving when gunmen started shooting at the car, they were traveling along Dunrobin Avenue. One man was injured and taken to the hospital.

Senior Superintendent of Police, Stephanie Lindsay says they are following strong leads to apprehend the suspects.

Residents who declined to speak on camera told our news team that the intra-gang conflict can be controlled if the community decides to unite.

The police are also looking into a missing person’s report in the community.