3 Dead, 4 Injured in Park Lane Gun Attack

Detectives assigned to the Major Investigation Division are probing the circumstances surrounding the shooting death of three men and the injuring of four others, following an incident in the community of Park Lane along Red Hills Road, St. Andrew on Saturday night.

Our news team was reliably informed that relatives of some of the victims were in the process of moving on Sunday when gunmen started shooting at the car they were traveling in along Dunrobin Road; a man was shot and taken to the hospital for treatment.

In the community, several shops remain closed and many residents stayed indoors out of fear. Senior Superintendent of Police Stephanie Lindsay says investigations have so far uncovered that the victims are linked to particular families in the area of Park Lane. 

The dead men have been identified as 29-year-old Kemonie White otherwise called ‘Shella’, 27-year-old Rushane White otherwise called ‘Barber’ and 2 7-year-old Alex Henry otherwise called ‘Tecta.’

The police are also investigating a missing person’s report from the community to see if there is any connection to the fatal shooting. 

Detectives suspect that the residents know more than they are sharing.

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