Double Murder in Park Lane, St. Andrew

The community of Park Lane off Red Hills Road in St. Andrew has been rocked by a double murder. Tensions are seemingly high as the police have since linked the fatal shooting to an ongoing intra-gang feud in the area. When our news team arrived in the community, heavy police presence was observed but residents were few. Reports are that armed men on foot went to a section of the community and started firing gunshots.

When the shooting subsided it was discovered that two men who were sitting on these chairs were wounded. The men who succumbed to their injuries have since been identified as 40-year-old Patrick Thompson, and Yohan Green, both from the community. Deputy Superintendent of Police Donovan Dallas says the incident stems from an intra-gang conflict in the area. Residents say they have had enough of these senseless killings and are calling on their political representatives to intervene. For several years the residents of park lane, say they have been under the gun of criminals who are hell-bent on wreaking havoc.