Recent Murder Left Community In Westmoreland Shaken 

Westmoreland citizens are speaking out against domestic violence in the parish and the impact on their families. For some, they have experienced it first hand.

The recent murder suicide that stemmed from a domestic dispute has left the community of Ashton in westmoreland shaken. A man bludgeoned his wife to death, and then ingested a toxic substance, leaving behind their two children.

There have been several murders since the start of the year linked to domestic violence. Although the police have called on citizens to find other means of solving disputes, the problem persists, sometimes ending in death.

The 2016 Women’s Survey states that one in every four Jamaican women have experienced physical violence by male partners and more than 70 percent have experienced sexual abuse. Groups such as the Jamaica Coalition Against Domestic Violence along with the Jamaica Constabulary Force have formed a partnership to approach the issue.

The concerns shared by Westmoreland residents are shared by others living in other parishes. They believe that the problem stems from men being overly possessive of their partners, and refusing to let them go when the relationship ends.