Dismembered Head Found in Sherlock Crescent, Duhaney Park

There is tension in Sherlock Crescent, Duhaney Park, following the killing of an alleged area leader who was found without his body in the community Saturday night (October 23). The police have intensified their presence as citizens fear a flare-up in violence.  The quiet of the Sherlock Crescent community was disrupted in the dark of Saturday night when a head wrapped in newspaper and placed in a garbage bag was uncovered near an apartment complex.

Dirt now covers the bloodstains left by the head, pigeons the only sign of life in the community on Sunday morning. Duhaney Park Police visited the area on Sunday morning, however up to news time they were unable to give further details surrounding the incident

Deputy Superintendent Minto explains that a number of incidents have happened in the area. The residents believe that the best place to keep safe is to remain indoors. This incident follows a previous murder in the Duhaney Park area that police are investigating, according to the law enforcers, the residence is supporting the police.

The silent war rages on, and community members find the best way to keep safe is to stay indoors as much as possible.

Reporter: Jhanielle  Powell