Duhaney Park Police Station Has One Vehicle for 16 Communities

One Too Many: Duhaney Park Police Station Has 1 Vehicle for 16 Communities – In this CVM LIVE exclusive of an elderly blind man who was rescued by our news team in Duhaney Park, Kingston over the weekend, after the officers at the Duhaney Park Police Station were unable to respond because the only police car the facility has was unavailable at the time, we hear from the man himself, Abraham Robinson and how he felt as if he was left to die.  

The Duhaney Park Police have arrested the man wanted in relation to a wounding incident involving an elderly blind man in new haven last week.

Abraham Robinson was found with chop wounds to his hands on Saturday, October 31 when the CVM LIVE team visited the community to report on the impact of flooding in the area.

He was listed as one of the worst affected by the heavy rainfall.  However, when we called out to robinson we noticed his wounds and took him to hospital

CVM TV returned to visit Robinson at the Kingston Public Hospital on Wednesday. Robinson is unable to be properly treated by doctors due to an infection. His home is overflowing with sewage.

Back in Duhaney Park, residents are blaming his complications on the slow response from the police. According to his caregiver, they called the police and waited for more than 24 hours. Robinson was wounded on Friday.