Defense Accuses Police Witness of Fabricating Evidence

The defense in the One Don Klansman Gang Trial earlier today continued its cross examination of the retired police who initially started the investigation into the alleged criminal enterprise. One defense attorney suggests that the retired police is fabricating evidence in an effort to get convictions. A retired police witness in the one don Klansman Gang trial previously testified how he interviewed over three hundred members of the alleged gang during his time in the St. Catherine north police division as a gang investigator.

He subsequently told the court that he charged several of the members but only managed to get two convictions for breaches of the anti-gang legislation. Defense Attorney Alexander Shaw who represents three of the defendants, to include the lone female, Stephanie Christie alias Muma, accused the witness of fabricating evidence for the purposes of seeking more convictions under his belt. The witness had said he first met Christie in September of 2017, when she offered him $100,000 for the release of the reputed gang leader Andre ‘Blackman’ Bryan.

Shaw however disputed this. Shaw also contended that his client did not tell the witness that she was Livity Coke’s baby’s mother. The witness said he maintained contact with Christie from then, using her as a human source, to get information about the gangsters, including Jason Brown, the defendant he identified in court as ‘Citypuss’. The retired police said he went to horizon remand center on October 12, 2017 and charged brown for breaches of the anti-gang law and extortion.

Brown he says made his first court appearance on October 21 that same year, but Shaw argued that the date cannot be correct because that day was a Saturday. The witness says the dates are accurate to the best of his recollection. Furthermore Shaw said he obtained a copy of the visitor’s book at horizon and the witness’ name was nowhere in sight on the date mentioned before.

Shaw is convinced the witness is misleading the court. The trial resumes on Wednesday.