A new crime fighting initiative has been launched by the police as they strengthen efforts to combat the scourge. Police have established a joint initiative with fisher folk in Portmore known as a Beach Watch Programme.

They hope this initiative will help in reaping more success, in clamping down on illegal activities on Jamaican waters, including illegal guns. The crackdown on crime continues the police in Portmore are adding another layer in their initiative to fight gangs and recover illegal guns. In the new forum fishing community, the police have established a beach watch to have citizens participates in the safety of their shores.

Head of the St. Catherine South Police Division Christopher Phillips says this collaboration will help build safer communities. The smuggling of guns and drugs are some of the nefarious activities that plague the coast. The beach Watch Programme is similar to a neighborhood watch system, but driven by the safety and security branch of the Jamaica Constabulary Force.

Mayor of Portmore Leon Thomas has plans to assume responsibility of the fishing village to ensure proper management. Head of the St. Andrew North Police Division Aaron Fletcher says creating a safe space for fisher men will have economic benefits.