The St. Catherine south police say they are not letting up in the fight to bring crime and violence under control in the division.  

Commanding officer, Senior Superintendent Christopher Phillips says gangs particularly will be targeted. The St. Catherine south police division ended 2021 on a worrying note with 132 murders for the year. Senior Superintendent Christopher Phillips says the police are concerned about the continuation of violence in communities such as Naggo Head, noting that they will not relent in their efforts to nab so-called gangsters in the area. 

A 66 year old vendor was killed in Cassinor Drive, Naggo Head, Friday evening after gunmen opened fire at her home. The police say they had just shot a man who was riding his bicycle along the roadway, several times. Claims in the area are that Sharon Ricketts’ murder was an act of revenge against a son living abroad. SSP Phillips says investigators are on the case, noting that the police are deeply concerned about the deadly attacks being meted out to women and the elderly.