‘A Contamination ‘ – Clergy Reacts to Cult-Like Practices

A ‘contamination of the anointed’, that is how a member of the clergy has described the actions of Dr. Kevin O. Smith, the man at the center of police investigations following a deadly Sunday, October 17, night ritual in Albion, St. James. Smith along with 2 other members remains in custody, pending further investigation.

A lot has unfolded since the Sunday night’s deadly sacrament at the Pathway International Kingdom Restoration Ministries in St. James, and still much remains shrouded in mystery. Two people died as a result of what is believed to be a sacrificial ritual, and various stories are being circulated by members of the group.

But Bishop Dalton Collins, of Faith International Harvest Church in Trelawney, is of the view that the leader, Dr. Kevin O. Smith’s faith became contaminated. Bishop Collins says acts of this nature under the guise of religion may have a negative impact on people’s faith, which by extension negatively impacts the clergy.

Meanwhile, a voice recording of a female who is allegedly a member of the group has been making rounds on social media. In the recording, the member appears to be in defense of her leader. Amid public scrutiny, the member affirms her support for the man she calls bishop.

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